the second race is half price

WAW Results
this is an effort to clean up a post from last night
the results were hanging off the edge
comments by Misty and also Chris "the goose" Mcgill appreciated
it was a tough race
I worked hard... it hurt... but I am glad I did the BACK TO BACK

funny to think that a person can test their own personal limits at a wednesday night mountain bike race in Northern Virginia after a day in the salt mines

the second race is half price
at wakefield on wednesday I raced the back to back
single speed at 6 and clydesdale at 7
this was not my first attempt at this
last year I tried to back to back the whole series at Wakefield
that occurred with varried success... flats and mechanicals piled on top of fatigue and failure

jason berry snapped a few shots as he cheered
I saw that jason has a sweet seven single speed
not sure if he raced
it is very possible he was taking it easy after the bc stage race
which was certain an epic that may ask for some recovery time

good shot of my sucking wind
trying to find some oxygen in the hot humid summer evening air

I thought my seat was too low
this image confirms it
funny how the bike under my body looks like a BMX bike while it is actually a 21 inch 29er

ken bell of gripped films had a good race

there was a battle between ken bell and an old friend of his kent baake
they have a history together
they were room mates in college at jmu
it was ken who introduced kent to mountain biking
here it is maybe a decade or more later
they are out pushing the other's limits
challenging the other... challenging themselves
I am certain that each of them will look forward to next wednesday for the final Wednesday at Wakefield as an opportunity for a rematch

photo of kent here by gary ryan

inspiration... get it where you can
perspiration... get it in dc in the summer time
you do not even need a bike to sweat in dc
you just need to step out of the AC

my guess is this shot is from the clydesdale event
while the first shot appears to be from the single speed race
the numbers are different
I am not sure which set applies to which event
it only makes sense that the larger number would correlate with the later race
normally I would like to have a geared bike for the second event in the back to back
but currently I am in search of a geared 29er for racing/riding purposes
until then... my Single Speed is my only race worthy rig

(after a glance at the results I learn that the low number 433 is for the clydesdale event while the larger number is from the Single Speed... go figure)

my legs are still feeling the effects of the other evening
so is my body... I was wishing for a nap this afternoon
my post from earlier this week on my efforts at Wakefield
slap some butter on me... I am toast

the results in the Clydesdale from Week Two
having missed Week One's event I showed up and mixed things up a bit
had a solid race
the several minute lead over my buddy Chris Redlack was part of my decision to race the back to back
















at a DCMTB mountain bike team meeting the monday following this event I brought a scale
was curious if Alistair McDonald was actually Clydesdale Weight
in street clothes minus shoes after half his burger and some fries he weighed in at 207
he is legit

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the original big ring said...

Not enough people ride single speed up here to have it's own class at local races. In fact, at the last local race I saw only one other single speeder. Gets a little lonely out there ; )

As per a geared 29'er race rig - I've got a warrantied Niner MCR frame coming my way soon, which I am selling - however, it's a medium, and I am guessing from your towering sasquatch like size, it'd be too small for you.