she had a name...

she had a name...

yesterday as I read the electronic news to try and find information my mind filled in the blanks

age and sex were the only information that had been released
there was a photo of the bicycle still underneath the trash truck
the rest was up to the imagination

not knowing more than the age and sex allowed for me to apply any personality to the now deceased woman
reading the electronic news today I can see that I pictured her exactly as she was
a young vibrant woman full of love, hope, and opportunity
a person who will be missed by many
not just a cyclist... but a person
a person of flesh and blood
a person who will no longer walk on this world

it saddens me the hate that this incident brings to surface
the hate and the ignorance
the chance for the car to fight the bikes
a chance for the car culture freaks to say I told you so

this should not be a time to strengthen our differences
this is a time for us to witness our similarities
cyclist are people
not obstacles
we are human beings with a plan and an agenda
we are in a hurry
we are trying to get where we are going

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Freewheel said...

It's really tragic that her pretty smile is gone from the world.

Please post something if you hear about a memorial ride.

james said...

fuck the auto-archy.