sue haywood retires... now she can focus on tele turns

sue haywood retires
now she can focus on her tele turns

but first she needs to let her ankle heal
then she needs to either let it snow or go find it

sue haywood broke her ankle last weekend at the mountain bike nationals in mount snow

if sue was looking for an excuse to dodge all the attention about announcing that she was retiring from pro mountain biking
well... I think she found it

sorry your last race will be remembered for something other than what you had envisioned
but you have a whole career of memories
and you can have the pleasure of racing and riding and creating new memories

my guess... the shenandoah mountain 100 is out for you this year
but you can set a new course record next year
and maybe on a single speed

in her own words about the injury and the surgery

sue's bio

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Marc said...

that sucks. sue kicks butt.

hope she mends quickly