sunset in the summer is a busy time for dupont

sunset in the summer is a busy time for dupont circle

lots of activity
lots of lives intersecting
lots of lives interacting

so much traffic passes around and under the park without felling the energy of the park

passing through the park on foot or on bike offers a different spontaneity than traveling past the park in a car or in a bus
dupont circle is the convergence of may paths
may people pass through this park at all times of the day
just as traffic revolves around this park all day

at rush hour in the evening more people pass through the park than at any other time of the day

people passing through
people headed home
people hanging out
people cutting through to get to the metro
people stuck in traffic on the streets surrounding dupont circle
people waiting to meet people
people wanting to meet people
people meeting people

people alone

some people alone by choice
other people alone not by choice

the grassy areas involve picnics and ball playing
bodies relaxed and tangled in a fashion of comfort more common on the living room couch than in shared public space
a mother chases her toddler age daughter
dogs passing through... I hope the walkers and owners pick up after their pets
the park benches are not crowded but the benches are full
not a vacant chess table
some of the games are drawing a crowd

there is energy at some of those tables from sunrise to sunset
the chess culture is a closed culture I know little about

a woman dangles her feet in the murky water of the fountain
parents trying to keep their small children from playing in the fountain
people reading books
couples kissing

summer in all of its splendor
sunset in all of its splendor
dupont in all of its splendor
dupont in the summertime at sunset is splendid

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