this came out a few years ago... the Capital of Punk

this came out a few years ago...
I posted this then
I am posting it now

capitol of punk
worth a look
some cool stuff

perhaps the biggest piece of marion barry propaganda I have ever witnessed


Chad said...

do you know the house number for the Embassy of the Nation of Ulysses? the text option no longer works on the website.. and i wanted to verify which house.


And I'm enjoying your blog.

-chad (1842 park rd.)

gwadzilla said...

it is on 19th Street half a block off Park

if you are walking from your address down hill
take a left on 19th on the sidewalk
it is the first house on the left past the alley

within view of Garcia and his motorcycles

J said...

3217 19th St NW.

I know because I used to live there!


Chad said...

Great, thank you.

I always thought it was that house but was never 100% sure.