thou shall not covet thy neighbor's extra-cycle

thou shall not covet thy neighbor's extra-cycle

very nice customizations

my kid's want an extra cycle
I want an extra cycle
everyone wants an extra cycle

apparently extra cycles have a little back order going on

in wired

(and yes I know it is Xtracycle... I just can not spell)


Squirrel said...

here's what a buddy done too his extra cycle for his 40 mile commute


gwadzilla said...

what is that?
a WEED whacker?

I started a post on you the other day
the NYC Bike Snob had a piece on cycling tattoos and used some of your shots

squirrel... thanks for checking in
hope you and the family are well!


Squirrel said...

32cc...and top speed of 30mph...he's still refining some little details. I seen that NYBS had written a piece but I got it from a short but sweet blog from Backpacker Mag....family is as good as it gets bro, I love being a daddy!


Rocky6 said...

Do all Mt. Pleasant cyclists have no hair??

dcdouglas said...

I also want an Xtracycle.

My kids will likely want and Xtracycle as well once they get as big as your kids.

Maybe next year after I sell the old Breezer, I can begin to convert my old Cannondale MTB into Xtracycle goodness. God knows I'm not using the MTB since I moved here from NC.

The question is, how do you mount a child seat onto it? Will I need to gin up a custom mount for the current Topeak Baby seat? Will the footwells be wide enough apart to fit over the snapdeck?