two years... still sad

two years...
still sad

it has been roughly two years since my dog Roscoe died
and yes
I am still sad



Kimin Kirkpatrick said...

I just had to put my dog down a couple of weeks ago. He had an "undiagnosable neurological disorder" - after 5 weeks, not one of the dozen docs could tell us anything. He was only 4.5 years old, and was the best dog I could ever ask for. Now, my other dog is depressed and knows not what to do.

I've never busted out crying on the trail until this situation arose. Now, I'm a blathering idiot.

Ya know, I liked him more than 99% of the human race.

Anyhow, I understand, man. I'm sorry for the loss.

btw, you've got a great blog.

gwadzilla said...

I feel your pain and I understand what you are witnessing what your other dog is going through

it is like brutus was cut in half with the removal of roscoe
they did everything in stereo

life is more fun watching the sunset with someone else
how many fireflies do you catch when you are alone?

brutus hardly chases squirrels, deer, or homeless people in the woods any more