august can be slow...

august can be slow..

would it be more sensible to roll up the sidewalks for two weeks in late august?
dc is dead in august
the town is asleep
half the people are on vacation
the other half of the population is twiddling its thumbs

it would make sense with congress out of session for federal government to close down for a portion of late august
than other businesses would follow suits
that is what suits do
suits follow

no reason for people to bother getting paid for attendance
give them a paid vacation
they will be more productive when they get back
the energy save would save money
the improved morale would produce more

cloak dagger

I totally dig that henry rollins independent ad
is that an actual ad?
I love the dicotamy of Ian MacKaye and Henry Rollins
best friends and commercial opposites
Henry cashing In on being famous... famous for being famous
while Ian ignores his wealth and shuns away from the spotlight... still making music and wanting people to understand and appreciate his music for what it is and not for who he was

Henry Rollins and Ian MacKaye are both heros of mine
I had the pleasure of seeing these heros perform as a teen
Minor Threat and Black Flag then also Herny's spoken word.. which was on several occasions a conversation with Ian....
very easily two of the best "shows" I every attended
Minor Threat at The Landsburgh Culture Center with Trouble Funk
Black Flag with... well... there was the roadies band Nig Heist... but not sure who opened at Pierce Hall
definitely top ten shows/concerts... more than likely both in the top five

dc should definitely take a few weeks off in august
time could be better spent doing other things other than saying... dc should really take two weeks off in august
the money saved in not running the ac alone would be of value

not only did I see Minor Threat
but I saw Henry Rollins do his spoken word thing on a very up close and personal level... small venue to a handful of people... the genesis of his spoken word thing
a modern day bard
a fantastic story teller filled with fantastic stories
dc space is a story that has been undertold


gwadzilla said...


that flyer

Jim said...

Note that having money lets each choose to do what he wants. Ian would probably have to be chasing money in one way or another, and probably would be less faithful to his vision of what he wants to be, if he did not have some cash to buy him freedom from want.

I don't like money at all.

I just like what it can buy me.

gwadzilla said...

it may not be so much centered around money

but the punk notion of selling out

commercializing oneself

I would not say that henry sold out
but I would say he has cashed in

ian got rich without that being his intention

both have worked very hard to become who they are

they deserve to be rewarded for their actions
as the ripple effect of their influences are grand

Jim said...

I was a post punker, a hardcore kid. I know the deal.

What's selling out more - staying on the outside and being all revolutionary in pose but not really having an effect, or doing the work to make positive changes happen? My personal opinion is that if you choose to stay on the outside it undercuts your message. If you go inside you have to compromise, but you don't make the perfect the enemy of the good, you can actually make change happen.

All depends on your personal notion of what is right enough to be proud of and too wrong to have to deal with I suppose. FWIW I've always like Henry Rollins. He strikes me as a knucklehead, but a one with a really good heart who helped make some good music once upon a time. Yep he makes money but he pushes his social agenda too, albeit in a really socially responsible and respectful way, the kind of guy I can respect as a punk at heart but a gentleman inside the system too...

gwadzilla said...

on an unrelated note...

here is a joke to make Jim laugh as he starts his day

Donald Rumsfeld was giving the president his daily briefing. He concluded by saying: "Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed."

"OH NO!" the President exclaimed. "That's terrible!" His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, "How many is a brazillion?"