bush did good on bob costas

although I prefer bill maher and john stewart
I did enjoy bob costas on the olympics tonight
he had george bush appear as a guest

bob costas asked some good questions
bush did a pretty good job
public speaking is definitely not a strength of his
he made a surprise appearance at an important time in the world
it was a good move in this international game of chess

these olympics could bring us closer to china
only through friendship can we find any agreement
we must understand that our similarities out weigh our differences

touching on the Russia/Georgia conflict was vital
that is something that the US needs to take action on
if we are the big brother that goes up breaking up fights... this is a fight that needs to be stopped


fatbob29r said...

"if we are the big brother that goes up breaking up fights... this is a fight that needs to be stopped"

While I agree with you, I'm not sure that's a fight we want to pick, we very well could lose. Economic sanctions and our UN relationships are the only way to leverage that conflict to end IMO.

crs said...

This gem was just sent to me

You holding down Mt.P while I am off finding racing glory?

gwadzilla said...

I hate to say it...
but I think that Bush did the right thing there

in Beach Vollyeball after a good play they congratulate the other by slapping them on the ass


George did not feel comfortable with that
so he gave a sensation less pat on the back with the back of his hand

all good here...
when do you get back from your tour?
headed down to Georgia?

Roman Holiday said...

I saw that interview too. I'm not a big Bush fan, but deep down, I think he's an OK guy who wants to do good. I think the trouble with the current adm is not so much Bush himself, but his (ill-)advisors. Like Dick C., who I believe is whacked.

crs said...

The Shogren's(Team Bi-atch) and I are headed to Ga. Thursday. I should be back to DC in a week or at least before the SM100. I am running out of clean spandex and undies. Such is the life of living out of a van. Do I still live there?...HHMMM

Then CROSS season!!! Ahh yeh!!!