the cigarette... such a nice touch


Jim said...

Hah. I chatted with Vinny outside my building yesterday. I didn't know that is his name. I was selling a bike to a different guy. Vinny has a really sweet bike, that is a Bob Jackson track bike. Very, very nice and understated old school charm. It's one of the nicer bikes I've seen in D.C., yet most people wouldn't give it a second look. Small world, I guess, except for the parts of it that are completely unknown to most people.

gwadzilla said...

the bicycle culture is a very small subset of the mainstream

then within the bicycle culture are so many subcultures

there are unions and there are intersections

gwadzilla said...

check the archives

I have some cool shots of Vinny in action

he has some serious skills

bet he would really groove on a single speed in the woods