DC in Outside Magazine

DC in Outside Magazine...
went over to Outside Magazine looking for an article on "day job pros"
was thinking about lawyer/24hour soloist Steve Swarz
heard that Steve broke his ankle... sorry steve... that sucks!
but I was looking for that article because it is riders/racers that make us mortals think that we can do things on our level

we work or jobs
we take care of our families
and we ride our bikes
but not so fast
nothing like the pros

then there are these guys
these guys like Steve that have real careers and real lives
then also have real race resumes

Outside Magazine rates US cities
that famous Outside magazine piece by Jon Krakauer that spawned the book that spawned the movie... loved the book... yet to see the movie
they also had a thing about Top Jobs.. I need to read that

gwadzilla previous mentions of Steve Swarz

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