flat out stole this from bikecentric

For those interested in getting an upfront gander, pix of the proposed SSWC08 course in Napa can be found here.

Hmm, the hosts recommend the following gearing:

29er — 32x20
26er — 34x19

Then there's this bit...

Rigid vs. Suspension
How do you feel about feeling like shit the next day? Like it? Go rigid. 80mm is nice. 100mm is better. At least that's what some of us think.

...which doesn't seem to be backed up by the available images. But, who knows? Pics don't always tell the true tale, and the SSWC folks could be saving the skull-and-crossbones stuff for the on-site experience. Either way, should be a good time.

Lot's of folks walking in the images, and not just on the climbs.

And damn, the swag is looking awfully sweet!


camps said...

why the hell are they walking those drops??

Ikon O. Klasst said...

Thanks for the credit. :(