grant riding around the neighborhood

grant riding around the neighborhood
we traversed the area by sidewalks and alley ways


training wheels off by his fourth birthday
still working on the skills
as a cyclists I too am still working on the skills

stopping is something that is still being worked on
stopping and tight turns have been his areas of focus

I think grant saw me do a rolling dismount the other day
since then he has been doing a dismount on the move
but rather than standing on one pedal and lifting the opposing leg over the saddle so that both legs are on one side of the bike
he has been stepping off the pedals with both feet
then running to a stop

it has been a point of contention between us
it was only after some discussion did I realize what he may be doing

by the end of the day I had him stopping the bike and putting his foot down in the standard fashion

still trying to stress the braking in the six o'clock position rather than the eleven o'clock position
but that is a tough one
he is too young to tell time
and we live in an age of digital clocks

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