it seems like there is some Jock vs. Punk thing going on here...

it seems like there is some sort of Jock vs. Punk thing going on here...

Jock vs. Punk
I thought that I grew up in the end of this era

I thought that MTV blended things together
I thought that when the frat boys started jumping around to the Chilli Peppers and the Beastie Boys that there lines had been blurred and that the war had ended...

I thought Valley Girl was a documentary on an era that has long since passed...
but it does not appear so

even though piercings and tattoos have entered the mainstream
even though counter culture personalities have entered the work place
there are still the divisions
the fringe remains the fringe
and often under attack

NY Times article on the asshole cop that tackled the cyclist in the Critical Mass ride in NYC
there is no defense for this individual's actions
to defend him is to discredit the police as a whole
if they punish him appropriately... well... then the law is just
if they defend him and his actions than the law is nothing but a bunch of out of control thugs
like a scene from A Clockwork Orange where the adolescent miscreants change their uniform but do not modify their behavior

I guess that is par for the course
this is the era where our government has given the order to torture prisoners

it is time to reel in the madness
the people in the suits giving the orders need to be removed from power
actions like this are not to be tolerated
my view of police across the board is tainted by this incident
just as my view of our government has been tainted by our actions in Iraq
we need change

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