labor day weekend... the shenandoah mountain one hundred

The Weekend Section of the Washington Post

It is Friday... the Friday before Labor Day Weekend
Labor Day Weekend... the weekend of The Shenandoah Mountain 100

sipping my coffee and waking up before I walk the dog then head out to work

wet here in Washington... not sure what is happening in the George Washington Forrest just outside of Harrisonburg Virginia

am I ready?

ready as I am gonna be

there is no more time to cram for this test
just time to battle the demons
time to get my head right

the body feels good
I am feeling good on the bike
this year has involved less than the normal preparation for this one hundred mile epic
less than normal?
normally I do not do any special preparation for this event
which does not sound good

I feel good on the bike
felt fast on the bike
felt fit on the bike
the rides and races on the bike through the season have been good ones
this should be another good day on the bike
this should be a fun day on my new fun bike!

larry camp calls this a long fast group ride
matt donahue calls it christmas for mountain bikers
I have called it the Lollapalooza of mountain bike races
this race has been called many things
during that one hundred mile course the race will be thought of as many different things

tonight I pack
sunday I ride


camps said...

see you there my friend

crs said...

I am looking forward to the BEER!!! Chris always has good beer on tap.

Matt said...

Good luck. My buddy Jens will be there too.