more people on bikes?


gwadzilla said...

oh shit....

Ikon O Klasst is going to come in and correct my grammar

where was he when I was in grade school?

I would not have these issues now if I had a tutor then

Ikon O. Klasst said...

One crack across the knuckles oughtta put it all right. ;)

gwadzilla said...

that is the education that I am familiar with

as I went to a catholic school with nun!

yes nuns!

like the menacing penguins in Madagascar

gwadzilla said...

oh man!

another grammatical error

looks like I will be staying after school and pounding erasers

Josh said...

I'm definitely seeing more people on bikes around town.

I'm also thinking about going to that Adam West farewell show. The last time I saw them play was maybe about 15 years go, at Asylum's 2nd location (12th and U)...?!?