nice minor threat hat!

nice Minor Threat hat...

minor threat on the wiki page

tried to go to Quizilla to find a test
What DC Punk Band are you?
I ended up taking the What DC Post Punk band are you?
well... the questions sucked
there were not enough ques tons... and I was not familiar with the subtext of the questions
and the last question did suck... the last question assumed I was against the concept of "moshing"
well... I am not... I just am not into it... does it mean that it is wrong for others to experience it
fugazi was against people moshing at their shows... but when they were teen boys... they got to express themselves by diving in the mosh pit... the pit was a strange place... sometimes a friendly fast physical dance... sometimes an angry place...

if I was not a semi regular at The Parkway Deli I would not know who Q and Not U are...
so I guess taking the test does not make much sense
cause I do not get the punchline

that has nothing to do with them
I am old...
there should be an age limit to some tests

the funny thing...
when I was in high school
if I were asked, "are you punk?"
I would respond... no, I am post punk... punk happened in 1977

no... I was not punk in high school

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follow the links...
good stuff in there
more links to entertain your brain
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