the olympics...

the olympics...

last night my boys refused to go to bed
it was an exhausting fight
we battled
they won

I let them settle in and watch some of the olympics
as I was tired of running the stairs at a marathon distance chasing them back into bed

when the Chinese gymnasts took the center stage my older son Dean marveled a the feeling a child must go through to be competing in the Olympics at such a young age
I asked how old he thought the competitor was
he said 13?... I told him that the competitors must all be 16
then told him that many people think the Chinese are cheating by not following these guidelines


Jim said...

Cheating... tough thing to bring up with the kids. A lot of things are tough to discuss with the kids. Mine is currently worried because I work in D.C. but "Johncain knows Washington is broken." So how can daddy go to work there, right? He thinks maybe it's okay though because "Brackabama can fix things with his hands." I don't have the heart to tell him that those guys that talk so purty are blowing smoke up his wazoo using a carefully crafted combination of words and images geared to manipulate, like all other marketed products.

I'm beginning to understand why so many in the 60's and 70's dropped out of society. Between cheating jocks, the usual politics and rapacious marketing to little kids, I feel like he's under assault by people that he has no ability to comprehend or defend himself against.

gwadzilla said...

tough issues to discuss

especially when I give a short simple answer that the country of China is intentionally cheating

the Tour de France and doping was similar
Dean just thought that all the racers should get to take the "medicine" that helps them to ride better/faster/longer

George Washington more than likely lied as much as the next guy
that whole cherry tree story is about as real as him hucking a silver dollar across the potomac
which may be possible
but why would he do that?
and was he on the coin?

raising kids to be honest and obey the rules and obey the law is difficult

especially in a society where everyone speeds, no one stops at stop signs, moms and dads talk on the cell phone even though it is banned
how can we get all pious about our kids bending the rules to suit their situation?

our last presidents have been dishonest
whether it be WMD or "sexual relationships" it is not a good example

these words from a man who runs red lights on his bicycle and walks his dog off leash where it is not permitted to do such

and yes
DC is Broken!