shameful... nothing short of shameful... responsible... yet shameful

chad of the baltimore bush doctors should be ashamed of himself
he blew off the SSWC in NAPA to hang with his family
nothing short of shameful
yes... responsible
yet... shameful

I too am ashamed that I did the responsible thing
had a great weekend
but part of me felt guilty about not being on the bike in the west

when I get a chance I will scan the blogs for some words on the subject

I fear the words about the SSWC in NAPA will burn like holly water on linda blair's pre-rick james skin

a good weekend
a weekend without the bike
a good weekend just the same
the only guilt was that I was unable to find anyone to take my GOLDEN TICKET

like a a boy on prom night
all sorts of build up
with no delivery

man I was looking forward to that!

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