some solid finishes at the Fools Gold 100

some solid finishes at the fools gold 100

jeremiah bishop 1st 100 mile men
gunnar shogren 1st 100 mile ss men
chris mcgill 2nd 100 mile ss
besty shogren 3rd 100 mile women (SS?)

and I heard a rumor
anna kelso 3rd in 50 mile women?


crs said...

Thanks for the press. You missed a great event. Good people and good times but it was HARD(and 3 flats)!! Beautiful forest and trails. Oh, Betsy got 2nd. I think they fixed it. Did I read correctly, new ride??? In DC for one night then off again.

gwadzilla said...


new bike!

see you in the Shendandoahs if I do not see you in the alley behind the house first

crs said...

Sweet, whatcha get?

Matt said...

Womens solo - Jennifer Moos. Is this the on on CNN who does all those weird news stories? The CNN one goes by Jenny Moos on air, so maybe there is another one.