stumbled upon a cassette tape in the basement...

stumbled upon a cassette tape in the basement... a cassette tape? I do not think I have the technology to play such a thing okay... maybe an old Sony Walkman is buried in the rubble
i would not doubt if such a relic is unplayable
batteries more than likely corroded within the device
the tape appears as a reminder of a time long since passed an often misunderstood time a time misunderstood by all e
xcept for those that had the chance to experience it much like the underground flavor of the dc hardcore scene decades later baltimore had a vibrant underground club scene...
just as the punk scene had its performances called shows
the techno scene had their gatherings.. they were called parties...
on the outside they were called raves
while on the inside they were referred to as parties

loni fisher was the mastermind of ultraworld productions local heros scott henry and charles feelgood were to fever what government issue and iron cross were to the wilson center (or the community center of the day) it was organic yes... electronic can be organic as well can other things synthesized it was about the music... cassette tapes? the names swirl through my brain it went beyond Feelgood an d Scott Henry Diesel Boy... Demitri... who else drew us in and made us move? the Ultraworld Productions blew away the standard Fever gatherings Bass Rush... it was all so long ago I can not recall if I could hear this tape I am sure I would be flooded with more specific memories music from the outside can be so misunderstood techno is as vast as any form of music heavy metal all may sound the same to an outsider just as all punk may sound the same to an outsider just as all reggae may sound the same to an outsider music often goes misunderstood

get this... in an effort to try and fact check to see if Loni Fisher wa
s also part of Fever I see this
Fever is having a 15 year anniversary party next month

FEVER 15 Years Later!

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