that mountain bike spirit...

that mountain bike spirit

was over at the dirt rag electronic page looking for an electronic copy of the last cover
this month's cover is sick!
I need to get deeper into the issue... that cover will get me there
this weekend ahead may offer some downtown to flip through the pages and catch up with what I just scanned and read what I missed

while looking for an image I was not able to find I stumbled upon an article by bill savage
bill savage captures the mountain bike spirit
bill savage is the mountain bike spirit

dirt rag article by bill savage; lost and found
a film by bill savage
bill savage is a story teller

and... yea
I bet that India Pale Ale tasted sweet!

in the first scene of the flim adaptation of James Dickey's book Deliverence the character played by Burt Reynolds says, "sometimes you need to lose yourself to find yourself"

a video on youtube that makes me want to dance

Charlie Kelly's electronic museum

that is charlie kelly caught in the moment
living the mountain bike spirit
as it turns out Charlie Kelly gives his perspective of that same ride

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