top three most expensive things I have ever purchased...

top three most expensive things I have ever purchased...

this bike!

I have owned a number of cars before the Honda Element
not one of them cost me as much as this bike
I have owned a number motorcycles... the 4 four beater bikes I owned did not have a cumulative cost to equal the cost of this bike

this bike is essentially a motorcycle lacking the engine
which makes me the engine

would love to blog about my wonderful purchase experience with The Family Bike Shop
would love to blog about the crash I suffered on my first off road ride on this machine
but... I am thinking riding makes more sense than blogging
I can blog when the sun sets!

The Family Bike Shop

Niner: Rip 9


Anonymous said...

Sweet rig! Jonathan came along with me on my inaugural ride on my Niner EMD on Friday at Rosaryville. I was all over the trail trying to adjust to the new position. Much lighter and quicker steering than my Monkey. By the end I was pretty dialed in though. A birthday present for the decade for me! Hope that you're liking the new bike and maybe we can all get the Niners out soon on the next FBS jam.


gwadzilla said...

I have been drooling over the Niners over the past few years...

lots of fast guys on single speeds riding em... jonathan included

my Rip 9 retires my geared monkey as a race bike
the geared monkey was never a race bike
that said... it served me well
we had many great rides and great races together


it will still be ridden
as is my rigid monkey