whether in a car or in a hot air balloon I am still a cyclist


whether in a car or in a hot air balloon I am still a cyclist

I am a cyclist who owns and operates a car
although I drive infrequently in comparison to how often I ride
I do drive frequently enough enough to give me insight into the mind of the car driver

the car driver is a animal stuck in auto pilot

when I get into my car... I have to make a conscious decision not to drive in that fashion
I try not to become that animal

I have fount that the easiest way to improve my drive
is to slow down the first few seconds
rather than turn the key and push the pedal
I start my car and give the engine a few seconds to warm up
then I make sure that everyone in the car including myself has their seat belt on
I usually make an adjustment to my radio
after that I take a good long look before I pull out of my parking space
this opening minute aids to dictate the mood of my drive
allowing me to drive with thought
instead of being a animal moving about on instinct

I do not drop my kids off at school everyday
but when I do I too am under the crunch to try and make this all happen and still arrive at work on time

sadly the car drivers do not understand that their aggressive driving style does not make their arrival time any rapid
it just makes it more risky
efficiency is the important
high speed can contribute into the potential of the worst case scenario

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