would rather catch this man moving... cause he really moves


ran into batman
he was at his destination
so the shot was not in action
wanted to catch the action shot
but rather than shoot up 20th
he turned onto the sidewalk
I missed the shot
I got this shot

loved getting a closer look at this classic Raliegh
Super Course 12... my brother had this bike
12 speed... in an era where road bikes were called ten speed bikes
a time when ten speed meant two times five
back when the Raleigh line was still made in England

back to the bike
it had a nice group
a group from that era... I noticed the cranks were some pretty engraved campy stuff
the wheels were not of that era.... the wheels are newer and stronger
the frame and its major components are showing that they were made well
made well
things are made differently now

ten speed cassettes are the disposable devil
skinny chains are more prone to breakage
this post feels like a food review

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