Chess... the boys are into playing Chess

the boys are into playing Chess

four year old grant can set up the board
four year old grant knows the moves of each character
four year old grant likes to start off with his knight
four year old grant gets to play my first five or so moves then tends to wander away
as four year old grant is four years old

while seven year old dean can set up the board as well as move the pieces
seven year old dean and also think several moves ahead
seven year old dean has a good understanding of the basis of the game
for a seven year old dean does a pretty good job of trading pieces and chasing my king
my guess is not many seven year olds can corner the king

we are enjoying playing chess

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Phil Lepanto said...

That's cool man. My sister and I used to play chess after my Dad showed us how. It led to many, many arguments... including one just recently when my sister refused to admit that she had hopelessly lost, but also refused to continue playing.

BTW, I definitely would have been freaked out about Brutus. Hope the vet gives you some good advice.