DCMTB: Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno Park

DCMTB: Cyclocross Clinics at Fort Reno Park

Wednesdays in September DCMTB-City Bikes is hosting cyclocross clinics at Fort Reno Park
these clinics are open to the public
come one... come all
this is not a team clinic
this clinic is open to the clinic
yes... public clinic

Session One was Women Specific and lead by Melanie Swartz
Session Two was Coed and lead by Marc Gwadz

The gathering for session two was a good mix of riders...
in a classic comparision of opposites I will express the differences
there were riders young and old, male and female, short and tall, and fast and slow
a wide mix of people

last night's cyclocross clinic was day one of my approach to the cyclocross season
I have commuted on my cross bike as can be witnessed by the well worn knobbies on my green jamis nova
but last night was day one for me and cyclocross
my skills are rusty
which is a generous way to say that I suck
cause honestly... my cross skill have never been all that

I lack sustained power
I lack sustained speed
my dismounts are sloppy
my remounts have that signature stutter step
my cornering is slow
my confidence is low

I can not ride the steep sections
I can hardly run the steep sections

I suck at cross
but it is always good to get out on the bike

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