island life...

island life
Coastal Living magazine makes me feel as if life does not need to be as hard as it is
Coastal Living Magazine

when I was a young teenager I had the pleasure of spending a few weeks on the island of Nantucket
even at that age I had the sage notion that a bicycle would be of good use to me
and sure enough... that Nishiki ten speed granted me a great deal of freedom

too young to drive I would ride maybe seven miles into town each night to eat dinner and then watch the street performers
it was there in the early 80's where I was first introduced to the hacky sack
something that would not enter my field of view for a few years
on these rides I rode with a dim headlamp that took two C size batteries
many of the rides the lamp was useless
my rides were on instinct
as the yellowish brown light from this sub par bicycle light usually shined no further than the wall of fog in front of me

on this trip I spent my days babysitting for some family friends
it boggled my mind that these early elementary school boys had not yet learned to ride a bicycle
the rental cottage where we were staying had a few small children's bikes
in between beach time I taught each of these boys to ride a bike

it was an article about Sea Turtles that drew me to the pages of Costal Living magazine...

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