lipstick... the punchline to that joke by sarah palin

the punchline to that joke by sarah palin

dean had his second soccer game of the season
dean is in second grade and his soccer games are usually a group of second graders running around chasing a ball

I have a love hate relationship to this whole soccer game thing
my greatest love for the soccer games is that it gets us out of the house
the soccer games give our saturdays structure and give us a saturday objective
we need to eat by a certain time and be out of the house at a certain time
these soccer games give us that

but as much as love the interaction with the parents of the kids on dean's team
I do not always enjoy the interaction with the parents on the other teams
this saturday's game had one of those parents that I dread interacting with

the game of show and tell about this parent is very funny
but this is not about the game of show and tell
it is about this obnoxious parent's inability to look in the mirror
he is out of line
he is absurd
it is hard to deal with

the soccer game was the blast
dean had a good game and made me proud
lisa showed up half way through
after the game they went to the playground across the field
dean and I kicked the soccer ball for over an hour
trapping, one touch, throw in, head balls, more trapping
not sure if he was enjoying the soccer or the one on one time
as I am not sure if I was enjoying the soccer of the one on one time

sarah silverman is a comic genius

tangent went way off course
did not develop my point on the parent who was out of control at the kid's soccer game


PEP said...

I encountered an annoying parent at my son's latest baseball game.

Unfortunately, the parent was representing our team. My feeble response: the silent cringe.

gwadzilla said...

I think that the parents should all be able to approach the other parents on the same team...

the assistant coach to the team that dean played is from my neighborhood and a good guy
I would think that he would see the wake left in this man's effeminate foot steps

the clincher was at the tail end of the game one of our kids shot the ball
he stepped forward from behind the goal and kicked the ball out
stopping it from going across the line and calling out OFF SIDES!

we do not play off sides at this stage of the game
and if my memory serves me correctly...
there is no offsides on a shot
only on a pass
but that is not the point

as it is all usurped by the notion that parents are not supposed to stand behind the goal

which makes him off sides!

and most definitely out of line

PEP said...

When we first started our kids' soccer, we were told very clearly by our coach:

"The line around the field is to keep parents off the field."

Our third-grader's team is just being introduced to the offsides rule and it is not supposed to be rigorously enforced.

Jim said...

Lipstick, pigs, politics and sausage. It's a sad commentary on the state of the country if you need to be a double ivy grad in order to run it. I'm not so confident in our 'l33ts. They are still in the process of handing us the secondary mortgage market meltdown - that disaster isn't half finished and it's largely an ivy b-school and law school production. I know a lot of top tier school grads, some are quite bright, but very many are stupid in a way that requires genius; an ordinary person simply cannot get themselves that messed up. As Orwell put it, some ideas are so stupid only an intellectual could believe them. The current POTUS is a double ivy guy - you see what I mean? If we're going to reject broad experience in favor of little experience plus educational credentials, I don't know why Ivy is so much better. I think if you go to a >$50k a year school, funded largely by parents or grants, then by definition you don't understand the concerns normal people have. People who are normal bright - not 1590 SAT's necessary but a gubner or successful business leader may have some insight that a lot of the Friends and Episcopal - to - Harvard and Princeton - to - Yale and Wharton crowd might lack, like what normal people think and what things concern them. Bill Buckley used to say he'd rather be governed by the first 535 names in the NYC phone book. I'm inclined to agree. Except for AAA Towing, AAAAA Towing, and their mutual rival, AAAAAAA Towing. Those guys are bastards, even by towtruck company standards.

Jim said...
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