a message from my brother Marc about DDCX...

a message from my brother Marc about DDCX...

DCCX is starting to fill!


-day-of registration will be outside the grounds. racer packet pickup day of will be at the course. we can't collect money on site- so pre-registration will save a lot of time and hassle.

-our 9am race reached the 100 rider limit last year and we expect it to fill again. so pre-reg is likely a must if you want to race Cat 4 men. (as of Sept 29, Cat 4 is
already up to 45 riders)

-we will be using call-ups similar to what was done at Ed Sanders (lining up by rows). In addition to MABRA series rankings and promoter discretion, order of registration will be used to determine starting order.

-Call-ups will be given to pre-registered riders only. Day-of registrants will start in the back of the field

Hope to see you at DCCX! We have a lot of fun stuff in the works- more details in our PR release to come out this week!

Marc Gwadz
DCMTB/City Bikes

darren's video from DCCX last year
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Anonymous said...

do you think a newbie cyclocrosser could do this on a mountain bike w/out looking too foolish? This looks like a blast.

Jason Berry said...

I'll be on my mtb - foolish or not.

Jim said...

Kyle, it doesn't matter what bike you ride. You get out there and ride hard people will cheer whether you're in first or 99th. No matter where you find yourself in the race, you'll be fighting for position against other people - like a really short track MTB race. You will do fiine.

Jeff said...

Last year's DCCX was my first race and I did it on my single speed mtb and had a blast. As long as I'm out there again, I don't think anyone could look foolish.

Marc said...

I agree- MTB is perfectly fine, and some people do very well on them. I think it's a good SS course as well- none of the hills are very steep or long.

Just remove any bar ends for safety rules.

I think there will be some people out there in foolish Holloween Garb, but that's optional!


gwadzilla said...

I think that is GHOULISH Halloween garb...

crs said...

Anonymous, get out there go like hell but have a whole heaping lot of FUN on what ever two wheeled device you can find. You will be hooked and I am certain you will return.