no bike... no bike

no bike... no bike...

this weekend there was no bike
last week after work there was little or no bike
it is not uncommon for the bike to be pushed to the way side after a long race like the Shenandoah Mountain 100
especially if the experience at the said race is not the experience which the racer/rider was seeking
sure there were some post work rides last week... but those rides were either to friends houses or meanderings around town to snap some photos with the camera
nothing that would qualify as a work out or even the dreaded "t" word... "training ride"

when the weekend approached I had thought I would start my approach to this season of cross with a cyclocross practice on Sunday morning
but... a little slow out of bed had me slow out of the gate
by the time I had walked the dog, aided in feeding/entertaining the boys, suited up and headed for the door it was almost time for cross practice to start... no way to arrive early... already set to arrive a few minutes late
so when I pulled my cross bike from the garage only to discover a flat in the rear
well... that is just what I needed to send me back into the house

the weekend involved many short hikes with the dog
half of the hikes with children... the other half without
the week of rain had the creek rushing like a river
this of course drew some excitement from the children

on both saturday and sunday afternoon I lead my boys and the dog down to the woods along with some kids from down the block
saturday lisa tagged along only to have to relay one of the boys back after he slipped and got his new track suit dirty
oddly enough he wore the same gear the next day only to fall again and again on earth that was no less slippery

went to bed realizing I had not repaired that flat
thus erasing my post work cyclocross bike ambitions
rode the rigid monkey into work instead

a good deal of the weekend was spent messing around the house
well... cleaning up messes around the house
Sunday was spent making sense out of the kid chaos
tried to get all "like" toys back together
knights are now with knights and dragons
while star wars folks are now gathered with other star wars folks
legos tend to be with legos and lincoln logs are usually with lincoln logs

the clean up and re-arangement of the day goes well with the new season and the back to school vibe
hung a large bird kite from Indonesia and a flat metal gecko from Cambodia on the walls of the boys room
the rearrangement of the book shelves merging books from the play room to the boys room had the boys reading at bedtime
it was not epic day on the bike
but it was a day that makes our immediate world better

enough with this...
on with my day

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