not so many photos because I was trying to ride...


gwadzilla said...


nice work zilla!

Rocco said...

those are not MAc barriers

Jason Berry said...

but that is the infamous IGGY - back in DC!!!

gwadzilla said...

no... no regulation barriers


I have a shot that I toyed with that I will toss on the page tonight
with you and iggy

sorry I did not make it out to Wonderland for that beer

once I was home
the wrestling match of getting the boys to bed wore me out

then I blogged
I like to blog
drank a few glasses of wine as I blogged

hope you have a good time in Columbia Heights


Marc said...

yeah rocco-

iggy is back and asked about you

maybe you owe him money....

it's true, those are midget barriers- I forgot to remind people of that!