note to those canvasing on the corner...

note to those canvasing on the corner... get a life! get a clue! the greenpeace and obama people canvasing on the corner are as obnoxious as the panhandlers and the homeless only a tad less logical I am more likely to listen and offer assistance to the panhandlers and homeless because I cannot catch their diatribe online!
and well... they are less manipulative
everyday these canvasing kids approach me some with more manipulative techniques than others I can often be approached only to respond in a curt/crass fashion only to be approached again on my return down the block just minutes later it is not that I am not supportive of your cause it is the fact that I am at lunch looking to get a few minutes to relax only to be accosted by some college age boy or girl with some sort of clipboard and pamphlet greenpeace... keep fighting the good fight you have my support... just give me some space on the sidewalk dnc and obama campaigners... DC IS BLUE! take your efforts to the RED STATES! better yet! take your efforts to your friends and family get an approach that makes sense to you and your family get your grandmother and her bridge buddies to understand why Obama is better for their interests than McCain contact all your friends and associates... locate those slacker friends of yours make sure they are registered to vote make sure they get out to vote make sure they vote for Obama but do not waste your time going door to door in DC... OBAMA will get DC... we need Obama to win over some swing states
www.greenpeace.org www.dipdive.com

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