rookie mistake... I tend to make rookie mistakes

rookie mistake...

just as I will trip over that same crack in the sidewalk day after day
even after my many years of cycling I am still prone to rookie mistakes

today while dean was at baseball I hung with grant
not sure what to do with our day I left it up to grant
the air and space museum was quick off his tongue
so we set up the trail-a-bike and took to the streets

things were going along just fine until I felt the fumbling of rubber benieth my rim
I knew that feeling oh too well
this was not a slow leak
this was a flat tire

we pulled over and I took off my bag

rookie mistake!

massive pack on my back
vacant of any and all that I would need
the pump was pulled when I left out for the kid's soccer game yesterday morning

and the tube was for my cross bike
and well...
the tube would of been of no use since I lacked a 15mm wrench for the bolt on rear wheel

a rookie mistake

no worries...

Grant walked some and Grant sat for some
while I walked and pushed the bike pulling the trail-a-bike
it was a good hoof across town from south of U on Fourteenth

when we got home I offered to pull out a different bike
grant asked why we did not just take the car

then we got distracted
grant messed around catching 12 cent gold fish in our diminutive back yard fish pond while I threw together this little bicycle ramp

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Scott T. said...

cool, can you make me a ramp. See yo uat Ed Sander next week?