some photos of the Masters Elite Class at NCVC's Lily Pons Cyclocross Race Today

I took a good number of shots...
tried getting a good shot of my brother
missed the shot
got some shots
but no real good shots

good job to my brother marc
it looked like an exciting race for the Masters Elite
the top 6 seemed to be doing some shifting around
exciting racing!

Elite Masters Racers at NCVC's Ed Sander's Memorial Cyclocross Event
sorry I did not get to hang for the main event
the Elite Men and the Elite Women are always a great contest to watch!


gwadzilla said...

the results for the Masters Elite contain the 35+ and the 45 +


Jim said...

Had a good laugh on the Back Nine. You were wandering around with the camera, standing in the good line as the riders came around. Somebody goes, "There's a Gwadz loose on the course!" as if a dog had wandered onto a baseball field. Thanks for sending the pics, perfect. I may hit you up afterall for the HD of those pics - that bike was so dirty it's worth printing a picture - I've never had to race in legit, soul-sucking mud before.

Marc said...

"Somebody goes, "There's a Gwadz loose on the course!" as if a dog had wandered onto a baseball field."


Anonymous said...

I thought I rode through a Gwadz-dropping! Thanks for the photo and for the words of encouragement out there.

gwadzilla said...

great job out there Jon!

you were rocking!

Gwadz Dropping?

well... some of that mud bog did smell like it was rich in some sort of release
maybe dinosaur dung?