wanderings as I sipped my coffee...

some meanderings as i drank my coffee this am...

started with my old friend Tim Faia

which took me to georgia...

which had me head over to boulder for mud and cowbells

yes... I am thinking cross... no Charm City this weekend... life is getting in way of the bike

then once at Mud and Cowbells I got curious about the bike park/cyclocross park in the Boulder area

DC should be ashamed of itself
if it can not lead in the right direction
at least it can follow
instead the city lays stagnant
so much about this city sucks!

we need to change that...
people need to be active
people need to be proactive
we need to make the things we want to happen happen

DCMTB hosted its first series of Cyclocross Clinics in the District
and this year DCMTB will be hosting a Cyclocross Race in the District for its second year
we are doing our part... what are you doing?

now... onto my day

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Tim said...

Why not have a bike park in DC? In Boulder there are more people who have the time to donate to a project like that.