what does DC need to do to get a PUMP TRACK?

What does DC need to do to get a PUMP TRACK?
Chambersburg is getting a Pump Track!

What does DC need to do to get a Pump Track?
I know that the team at Trips for Kids has been petitioning for such a park... but what do we as cyclists need to do to make this happen?

it is interesting...
DC really does not produce anything
we are a culture of consumers
we are a region of the country devoid of an identity
western pa may give football players
iowa may give us wrestlers
you will get snowboarders and mountain bikers from the high country of colorado/vermont/utah etc.
and well... hoop dreams showed us that parts of the country gives us basketball players
but what do the services in washington dc bring us?
lawyers? sure... but many of them are transplants

the services in dc suck!
the services should at least give us the bare minimum
just as there are basketball courts and soccer fields there needs to be cycling and skateboarding facilities
there are no longer fringe sports... these are mainstream sports now represented in the Olympics
it is time for Washington DC come into the modern age
yes... there is Green Lab Skatepark and the Skatepark on Rhode Island Avenue... but there needs to be more

how many tennis courts do we have?
how about basketball courts?
do we need to lose some of these amenities? maybe... maybe not
but there needs to be some consideration about moving forward with the future

there could definitely be a plot of land in Rock Creek Park that could be developed for mountain biking
Fort Dupont has legal trails... but THEY SUCK! why would someone mountain bike there? it is like a basketball court with no rims? cut the red tape and cut some trails
add a pump course and some man made
would DC become a cycling mecca? no
but the kids in the city would be given the opportunity to move forward with the rest of the country


gwadzilla said...


dc is known for its music

decades and decades of culture and music

more than Fugazi and Thievery Corp
and I am not saying GI and Minor Threat!

the history is deep
even Bethesda has spawned some guitar greats

Tim said...

We just got a pump track in Breck. They had a load of dirt left over from some expo thing, dumped it near the ice rink and sculpted a sweet pump track. Pics later.