AP Exclusive: FBI file details Knievel's dark side

AP Exclusive: FBI file details Knievel's dark side



Gunnar said...

I believe it all. But it wasn't the man who was my hero throughout my childhood. My hero was the myth, the legend, the one who seemed to risk it all and even in failing never gave up or died.

However, had this file been released in my childhood and these facts known at the time, I wonder if the idolation would have been different.

gwadzilla said...

Evel was a bad ass!
and yes... I am sure that much of what is said to of happened in the shadows did happen

it takes a unique character to live the life that he lived

we must accept the good with the bad

as it was his unusual character that allowed him to pursue the things he did

who are the heroes of today?

I guess I should ask my kids and not you

if I had any heroes... maybe you (gunnar) would be one of them
I do admire your passion for life!