Backseat Bingo: I think I spent too much time piecing this together
but I wanted to get the point across

I think that the our parents of the modern day are unqualified to teach their kids to drive
but... I think that the kids of today are capable to get their parents to drive as they should

Backseat Bingo may be the way to make this happen
Backseat Bingo is a game where a young child points out various things as they drive about the city
this would make the driver more away of things that they are approaching and with a shared focus on these things maybe they will drive more appropriately
yielding and slowing down

driving at a rational speed
slowing and making a complete stop at four way stops

Backseat Bingo!
that green house? the green houses are friend's houses... you drive past a friend's house maybe the driver will realize that they should drive as if they are driving through a neighborhood
runner? there are people that exercise on known routes
car commuters should anticipate this behavior
fire station? people should be ready instead of being shocked that an emergency vehicle is coming out of the fire station or rescue squad
bicycles and pedestrians? of course bicycles and pedestrians
bike lanes and cross walks
the speed limit is how fast a vehicle should pass another vehicle
car drivers should slow to below the speed limit and pass pedestrians at a distance greater than three feet this is obvious
it may be up to the kids to point out the obvious maybe this game will start this conversation

THE PENALTY BOX: Backseat Bingo will also include a PENALTY BOX
there will be a few ICONS below the Bingo game where the parent can be penalized for their behavior
Incomplete Stops, Failure to Yield to Pedestrians, Illegal Right Turn on Red, Excessive Speeding
just as children get TIME OUTS for misbehavior... so should adults

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