jack and his paper cuts...

Jack Wittenbrink and his Paper Cuts

on my last evening in New Orleans I walked about the French Quarter as Lisa read her book and the boys slept after a long weekend of exploring a strange city

with no real objective I just walked
peeking my head in the few shops that were still open
talking a glance at the people that moved about the streets
avoided the temptation of the open bars
ignored the approach of the muscular drag queens

it was sunday night
fewer sidewalk vendors were out selling their wares
the energy on Bourbon Street was less decadent than the nights prior but decadent just the same
in my search for a hat to cover my bald head I ran into Jack

Jack and his paper cuts

Wycinaki is the Polish art of the paper cut
Jack mixes some of the classic designs with a New Orleans flavor
the paper cuts are then scanned and printed for sale

it was a short pleasant interaction with Jack
Jack has the shrewd tongue of the artful dodger
clearly a man with a sharp wit and the gift a gab
an art that would easily translate into a gifted salesman
Jack is the type of man who could sell a toothless man a toothbrush
that is... if he so chose
this does not seem to be his choice

Jack seems to be an honest man with an honest craft
not a grifter with a scheme or a scam
just a man on the sidewalk offering to sell to those who want to buy
no barking at those that pass by
no shifty sales speak to those who slow and look

Jack's art speaks for itself
Jack is pleasant to speak with
for those who are interested it is an interesting exchange

money changed hands and I walked away with a few piece of art by Jack Wittenbrink

Jack Wittenbrink

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