Car Drivers and Bicyclists... get your stop watches ready

Car Drivers and Bicyclists...
get your stop watches ready
this concept of the bicycle breaking the law is a funny one
a BWI is far different than a DUI

in the same way that a bicycle running a red light is quite different than a car running a red light
yet... people are always aghast when then see a bicyclist break the law be that law as trite as riding on the sidewalk
while car drivers are breaking the law in far more dangerous and far more offensive ways

yet somehow the actions of the cyclists are viewed out of proportion

here is a quick test

Car Drivers and Bicyclists get your stop watches ready!
lets say that a standard commute is 20 minutes
we could have the bicyclists and car drivers time themselves while they are breaking the law

we could let each and every Red Light Run or Right Turn on red at a NO TURN ON RED intersection count as 10 seconds
but if the person is breaking two laws at the same time...
the clock runs for both of those incidents
close passes, failure to yield, and other such infractions would also be a ten second addition to the clock
so... if a car speeds the clock runs
if a driver talks on a cell phone in a no cell phone area... the clock runs
and so on
and so on
in short... I think that the final tally for the average driver would show that the average driver is breaking the law for the majority of their travel while the cyclist breaks the law for a small percentage of their ride
yet for some reason the cyclist is seen as the Anarchist!

this is a less scientific test than the Car Commute Challenge
but it is a symbol of the misunderstanding of the situation at hand
the bicycle is far less in the wrong than the car driver

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