the contract... we have no contract... what is the etiquette?

the contract... we have no contract... what is the etiquette?

in Chinatown back in Washington DC I often take the boys by the window where the men make the noodles and the dumplings
then we march off to our favorite Chinese restaurant around the corner
at times I feel guilty for not taking my business there
but... there is no contract
there is nothing about our watching that makes a promise that we are going to eat there

the street performers have a similar lack of contract
as nice as it is to give a dollar to the street performer after watching them do their thing
there is no obligation
as there is no contract
it is their choice to perform
it is the viewer's option to toss a dollar into the cup or not

yet often there is offense from the performer if there is no money changing hands

here in New Orleans there is a big street performer contingent
all sorts of hustlers working the streets down here
not sure if I have seen any panhandlers
I have most certainly seen a wide assortment of sub standard artists and entertainers trying to make it as a street performer

this gentleman took offense to me snapping his photo with no money changing hands

perhaps there should have been an understanding before he stepped in front of my camera
as he should know that people who pass in front of my camera have their photo taken
maybe if his still were more than standing still I would have tossed him a coin

I am good about tipping the performers if I stop and watch
I also eat at that place in Chinatown from time to time
but there is no obligation to do such
they have decided to put out there services
the request for money is just that... a request

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