dangerous book for boys

dangerous book for boys

dean wants to build a trap door in the club house
I explained that it was a door and not a trap
dean still wants me to build a trap door in the club house
I told him it is too dangerous
the potential for danger outweighs anything else on the scale

then dean ask me if we could build a catapult
I said that the catapult was just like the little wooden one with rubber bands that grandpa brought back from Poland
dean said no... a real catapult

I then told dean that engineers build catapults not me
dean then asked me what an engineer was
I told him that engineers were to the people who build bridges and tall buildings
lets start with the small stuff

we need to learn to fold the paper hat before we can fold the paper boat
lets start with the small stuff

thanks chris clarke for that gift for the boys
I think

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GhostRider said...

The kids will LOVE any of the books by William Gurstelle, too:


Rail guns, catapults, potato cannons, tennis ball mortars, flamethrowers, fire kites, pulsejets and much more!!! Come on, ANY responsible parent needs these books at home!