Dean in the Lil' Belgians at DCCX!

Dean and Issiah at DCCX... this shot is from one of the many laps from the kid's preride

Dad and Dean after the Lil Belgians at DCCX
the pride of a father is an energizing thing
I was stoked to have Dean racing the lil' Belgians
Grant woke up with a fever and was not up for racing
this fever also kept the boys from watching me race
I could have used their cheering from the sidelines

Dean on one of his four laps
I was in charge of the Lil Belgians... it went along splendidly
we should not repeat our short comings of this year

the short multi-lap format allowed for some cross-like excitement
it was chaos
complete kid chaos

I feel as if the kid's race was as much of a success as the adult event
the isolated location worked well for giving children the freedom to ride without fear of them walking across the course ignorant to the fast approaching racer
I blindly walked across the course during the day
racers do not like that
as a racer I do not like that

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