an easy choice

an easy choice...

tonight after an evening stroll down bourbon street I made a turn back to our temporary home on saint phillips
just after making the turn past Jean LaFitte's Blacksmith Shop I accelerated through a crowd of people stumbling out of this ancient pub and held my pace as I passed a couple walking down the sidewalk

as I passed the couple I recognized the man I was passing to be Dan Aykroyd
without hesitation as I passed I gave a friendly... good evening sir I am a big fan of your work
a polite thank you back where he referred back to me as sir had me feeling old

then I saw it
not quite my great white whale
but a form I had witnessed and had wished to capture on film
it was a pizza delivery man on a tall bike
with little time I stepped in between some parked cars as I pulled my camera from my pocket
in the same motion I turned on my camera and raised it in front of me and pushed the shutter button
with a flash I captured the best shot that this little point and shoot can do in darkness

this is what I got
there was never a choice
never did I consider taking a photo of mr aykroyd
as he was not on a bicycle

no I did not see brad pitt while I was here!

wild and crazy guys
personally... I wanted to see the rest of that Cheryl Tieggs ad!

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