a few more shots from DCCX... then off to bed


BUNNY said...

I thought you were the prettiest cheerleader I've ever seen!

BUNNY said...

"I do not look as pretty as I feel."

Typical female!!!

No, that skirt did not make your butt look big

crs said...

I was so graceful all day while jumping that tree. Then the one time you come to take my picture, BAM!!! The knee does hurt along with the rest of the body.Doubling up hurts, but it is all for the love for two wheels...and prep for the MTB season.

Thanks for the cheers all day I felt the love and oh so "pro"!! And thanks DCMTB!!

Jim said...

But Gwadz, you looked pretty, and witty, and... um... something else, I can't think of it right now. Maybe if I hum a few bars...

Seriously - you were good for a laugh pretty much every time I saw you.

Roger said...

Honestly, I was disappointed when I heard Anna and Lorena were not going to have an encore appearance.

But now all I can say is *wow* Joel. I used to think you were just big and scary ...now I find myself strangely attracted to you... you are so HOT!

gwadzilla said...

my butt looked big?

heaven to betsy!


who said that outfit made my butt look big?

crs said...

Your booty looked great!!
I was distracted all day.

Ikon O. Klasst said...

That's hot.

Uh, lipstick on a pig? ;)