Garage Magazine

Garage Magazine...

a few months back I ran into a cyclist who said that he had a magazine which review the topic of bicycle messengers in the 80's
apparently I was in a photograph... I have not seen this guy since

then today...
I ran into someone who said they were paging through a magazine this weekend and there was an article on motorcycle messengers in the 80's
and well...
he said that I was in one of the photographs

same article?
was this a story in garage magazine?
not sure... I will have to head to Borders and page through things


gwadzilla said...

in the photos
not talked about in the articles

but I have yet to see either

Brian said...

Hi there

This is Brian from GARAGE magazine. That issue had a story about motorcycle messengers and the DC Punk scene in the 80s. That issue has been off the shelfs for a while now, but I can direct you to back issues if you want. It was a cool article

gwadzilla said...

I would love to get my hands on a copy
show me the way