when I was a young child roughly the same age as my boys are now I lived in Stone Mountain Georgia
it was there were as a first grader I learned how not to read

we moved after a little more than two years
it seemed like we were in a two year cycle of the first seven years of my life and for my older brother and sister's lives as well
the three of us were born as my father was transitioning between college, GI Bill, and graduate school
it must have been tough on my parents
lots of up rooting and moving
up rooting and moving can be stressful

sometimes I wonder who I would be if we slowed down and settled at one of the earlier stops than Bethesda Maryland

words from a person born in South Bend, Indiana with a brother born in Newport Rhode Island, and a sister born somewhere outside of Boston, Massachusetts

this offers a bit of a transition to a different topic
the notion of hometown pride
we are all proud of where we are from
even if our stay was short
that is where we are born

this tangent was inspired by some reading I was doing over at James Deane's blog Revolving Rambler
James is from Georgia


Jimmy Chuck Deane IV said...

Thanks for the shout out. I myself have been in somewhat of a transition. I have moved myself around from state to state looking for destiny. I can't say I found it in Macon, GA but I have realized that chillin out in GA for a while won't be too bad.

gwadzilla said...

some years back I passed through Macon while doing a short camping trip in the South

beautiful part of the country

Jimmy Chuck Deane IV said...

If you ever come through this part of the country, let me know and i'll show you the best food and trails if you have a bike with you.