get a light

light equals life
get a light

last night I saw a super cool sight

it was not an ocean of people
it was not even a sea
it was not a river
it not quite a creek

I saw a flood of people snake down my street
running hashers

they ran down the sidewalk in front of my house
I stood with my dog on leash across the street
I paused before entering the woods with my wind up flashlight in hand
it amazed me that the spectacle lasted as long as it did

there was a story unfolding in front of me
runners of different strength and stamina at different points in the run
some running above threshold others running below

all sorts of different body types
some ran in pairs
others moved apart from the group off the sidewalk down the bike path on the street

some confusion unfolded as some of the group missed the turn into the woods behind ingleside terrace
not sure how far they went
maybe across the bridge
maybe into the woods on the other side of the brigde

not sure how the how hasher thing goes
not sure if they ever caught the pack

maybe they at least knew the end point

if it were a bar I hope they behaved
it looked like a cool group of people
but I have seen hasher geeks behave like children
breaking stuff and being all loud
losing themselves in the group

it looked cool
not my thing... but cool

not enough lights in the group
and it was a bit of a stampede
but still pretty cool

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