getting ready for a game of chess...

getting ready for a game of chess

setting up a chess board at four is impressive
knowing how the pieces moves impresses me even more

chess is a game that takes a lifetime to learn

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gwadzilla said...

yesterday Grant and I were playing a game of Chess

he knows where the pieces go
he knows how the pieces move
he is pretty good at formulating a plan
he will exchange pieces
he will think a few moves ahead
but it is tough for a four year old to corner the king
and it is tough for a four year old to play a full game of chess


after a bit of a chess game blood bath I could see that Grant's interest was starting to wain
so I tried to accelerate the process of putting him into check
he was distracted
his mind was on other things
I had just enough pieces remaining to corner his king
but instead of playing the full game
after a few approaches on his King Grant reached across the board and tipped over his king and grinned

he knew the game could not be won
so he forfeited